About Us

Services for highly specific problems. Partnerships for the hard journeys.

BEDROCKmg offers a range of advisory services and products for business optimisation, IT investment maximisation and organisational transformation. Sustainability of the outcomes is paramount and we help our clients achieve this with attention to detail across the cultural, technological and organisational spectrum.


To be globally recognised as an organisation that consistently delivers EBIT, operational and cultural improvements to our customers.


We view quality service provision as a function of our experienced team, professional integrity and comprehensive understanding of customer specific requirements. We believe strongly in cultivating a positive working relationship with and between the stakeholder community to implement sustainable outcomes.


  • Independence and transparency that enables us to put the client's interest first.

  • Customer satisfaction will facilitate our commercial success.

  • Trust, integrity and delivery is the basis of our enduring relationships.

  • Respect for our team, customers, stakeholders, partners, and communities in which we work.

  • Achievement through understanding, experience, best practices and innovation.

  • Pursuit of excellence through collaboration, communication and implementation.

  • Protect communities and our natural environment through sustainable work practices.


Our people comprise engineers, ICT professionals, Big 4 consultants and domain experts with real world experience typically exceeding 20 years. The team is passionate about solving complex problems and delivering sustainable outcomes on time. We have the insight from our experiences to facilitate change through engagement of both process and technology with your staff’s participation ensuring enduring project success.