Mine Automation

Smart is the new big. For the past 100 years or so, 'bigger was better' in mining. Trucks, shovels and pits grew because bigger was more productive, more efficient, cheaper. All that has changed with digital technology. Competitive edge is now derived from the capture and smart use of data. Whether its via greater insights into the current and future performance of the business or via the new, automated mining equipment and the operating models that data enables - digital is the key.

Digital technologies are changing how mining works by harnessing the flow of information to improve decision making and by enabling more centralised, mechanized operations. It's all about data (be it geo, production, people, equipment, environment, vehicles, product) and its use in areas such as automation, analysis for process and equipment optimisation, control of operations, prediction of future behaviour and compliance.

> Drivers for Automation

  • Increased exploration risk and cost
  • Reducing head grades
  • Human and machine variability
  • Disfunctional operational silos
  • Increased cost focus
  • Operating in high risk environments
  • Social and environmental compliance
  • Access to energy and water
  • Human resistance to change
  • Need to attract and retain talent
  • Current wave of technology innovation

> The benefits. Why do it.


  • Safety by removing people from danger
  • Accessible resources (lower risk profile)
  • Operating flexibility and responsiveness
  • Productivity of machines or systems
  • Asset utilisation
  • Asset reliability by operating within limits
  • Tasks and process standardisation
  • Energy Efficiency


  • Variability within tasks and processes
  • Operating cost
  • Unplanned maintenance

> Where we can help

Achieving these benefits is complex in an environment where technology change is relentless, human resistance to change is ever-present, budgets are tight and where organisational maturity is typically low .

Automation strategies are not “one size fits all” and the benefits will only flow from the specific Critical Success Factors and KPI’s of each organisations.

BEDROCKmg helps clients tangibly align their Digitisation and Automation strategies with these measures to ensure that the way forward meets the organisations goals and capabilities.

Experienced team spanning the diverse aspects of automation

Our ability to bring a multi-dimensional, real-world perspective to mine automation in a rapidly evolving market gives our clients a head start in their move to a digital future. With an average of 20 years experience spanning bulk and metalliferous commodities, our team of mining engineers and consultants are equipped with insights across the mining business processes, OEM, ICT, organisational change, industrial networks and R&D aspects of the automation challenge. We understand how these factors are interrelated and how they are likely to change over time.

Comprehensive methodology to drive the transformation

One size does not fit all. We understand that automation adoption depends on an organisation’s maturity, competitive drivers and approach to innovation.

Our detailed adoption methodology covers all the critical aspects of change to create confidence in achieving the desired outcomes

Deep understanding of the current industry trends and emerging solutions

Our background and strong relationship with miners, OEMs and industry bodies allows us to stay abreast of emerging technologies, R&D and how solutions are adding value. Our Technology Readiness and Maturity Level (TRML) evaluation framework allows us to objectively assess solutions against Business Capability, Technology, Value delivered and Change Management factors.

What we do

  • Build clarity around how automation delivers value for a specific operating need
  • Identify impact of automation on current operating methods, people & technology
  • Address a clients scepticism around OEMs ability to deliver and support advanced technologies
  • Separate myth from reality in a market influenced by highly publicised strategies
  • Align automation with site and corporate technology strategy to avoid isolated, short term focused solutions with poor ownership
  • Expose the diverse and often hidden skills and capabilities needed for automation
  • Help define the safe and efficient operation of autonomous and manned equipment within a mine site
  • Identify the right solutions for a given operational need and assess the maturity of these solutions against a clients appetite for risk
  • Establish a site’s operational readiness for automation and assist with the required organisational change management
  • Define realistic and comprehensive implementation road-maps that meet organisational goals and constraints
  • Expose available pricing models for automation and define how clients can cost effectively deploy and support solutions
  • Define both the establishment costs and ongoing CAPEX and OPEX requirement to realise tangible benefits