WorkPlace Synergy

Workplace change for most organisations is now an inevitability not simply a strategic choice. Whether you are moving to Agile or Activity Based Working, transforming your business to a digital enterprise or simply moving office, you will be forced to develop a vision for how, where and with what tools your people should work to meet your organisation's goals. Workplace Synergysm is a comprehensive Workplace Transformation Methodology that translates this vision of a new Way of Working into real world organisational and technological plans and requirements that eliminate the significant risks of transformation. It provides a structured process, proven by some of Australia’s leading companies, to manage the transition to success, bringing all stakeholders on the journey.

There is typically a “leap of faith” by organisations that the conceptual new Way of Working can be implemented and will actually work as planned to meet business needs once the transition is complete. This generally stems from an underestimation of the number of stakeholders involved, the multi-disciplinary nature of these projects, long lead-times and an absence of relevant experience within the organisation. Few organisations have people within their organisation that have done this before. Transitioning to a new Way of Working or a new Workplace is a specialised, complex endeavor.

WorkPlace Synergy replaces this "leap of faith" with a structured process across the Technology, Operational Readiness and Project Execution streams that creates certainty and confidence in the outcome

Workplace Synergy Services are all about eliminating risk and ensuring the success of the transition process.

Technology Services

  • End User Computing
  • Collaboration
  • Workplace Technologies
  • Audio Visual
  • Video Conferencing
  • ICT Infrastructure

Operational Readiness & Project Execution Services

  • Space Utilisation
  • Workplace Services
  • Transition & Change Management
  • Project Management
  • Procurement & Tenders

Services can be applied on a specific needs basis however, Workplace Synergy works best running as an independent integrated parallel stream that coordinates and quality assures each stage of workplace change (design, sourcing, implementation, testing). It guides you through the organisational, technical and physical transition beyond the finish line. Workplace Synergy does not compromise traditional project stakeholders but compliments them by providing clear guidance allowing each to focus on their core scope. A point of difference is addressing the governance gap across the Project Environment, Building & Services, Property, Technology, Safety, HR and the wider community representatives to ensure the business objectives are met. Oversight of these functions equips the team to define and deliver a clear, consolidated change program that fosters confidence in the outcomes with staff engaged throughout the full transformation journey.

Workplace Synergy focuses on five critical objectives

  • Get stakeholders productively & safely working together with clarity around accountabilities, milestones and expectations
  • Reduce project cost, exposure to risk and eliminate re-work
  • Deliver the right technologies to meet organisational goals and project budget
  • A productive and happy workforce on Day One and
  • A sustainable support and issue-management process in-place